Recommended Curriculum Vitae For an Advertising Corporation

One of the most popular professions in modern society is that of an advertising consultant. Most people are familiar with an ad for a local hardware store or electronics store. Often the ad features the voice of a salesman trying to convince the customer to make an order. The job description of an advertising consultant does not include selling but rather persuading the client to take an action that will result in a purchase.

There are many jobs and careers available in the field of advertising sales. The type of job that an advertising sales specialist might be interested in would include working as an account manager, an account representative, an account supervisor, a marketing analyst, an account associate or a marketing technologist. Each of these job titles is a little different but all provide insight into what the job requires.

Marketing and advertising degrees can lead to jobs such as marketing director, advertising sales manager and director of marketing. All three of these positions require that one have strong interpersonal skills as well as strong analytical and writing skills. Advertising degree graduates may be encouraged to take on jobs as a magazine reporter, copy writer and reporter. In addition to being directly involved in the day to day operations of the advertising department, a good advertising graduate may be interested in becoming a magazine columnist. This would require strong writing skills as well as good business sense.

There are also many jobs and careers open in the world of marketing. Many students choose to major in marketing because it allows them to be involved in all aspects of business including advertising. A marketing major can choose to specialize in either advertising or marketing. Those who choose to be involved in both fields will be expected to take classes that teach them how to efficiently market their product.

International marketing careers require that individuals know how to market products in foreign countries. Individuals wishing to pursue international marketing majors must also be able to speak and understand several languages. Some of the more popular international marketing careers include marketing to the Chinese market and marketing to the Mexican market. Marketing jobs in Europe and North America are also available for those students seeking international marketing careers.

A more recent job posting on a marketing career site is for an assistant marketing manager. This job is a good choice for a recent college graduate looking to jump right into a busy corporate environment. The assistant manager is responsible for managing a variety of duties such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, supplier accounts, inventory control, and supplier handling. These jobs require the ability to organize and coordinate the staff as well as follow up with clients.

Jobs in an advertising corporation can range from positions as an account manager to positions as a manager of the advertising space. A successful advertising manager will be able to plan an advertising campaign that will generate enough revenue to pay the bills each month. The manager of advertising space may be responsible for reserving advertising space for clients, selecting the specific media that will be used to promote a client’s product or service, and organizing the advertising budget. To become an advertising manager, a person must have a bachelor’s degree in advertising or an associate degree in advertising, and at least five years experience in a position that displays the advertising manager’s expertise.

The final recommended curriculum vitae for a career in marketing is designed to train students how to use online marketing research tools. Online marketing research tools such as Google AdWords, Google AdSense, and Yahoo insights are used by many successful business owners to advertise their companies and create a brand. Students in an advertising program should be able to understand the concepts used in online marketing research and be familiar with the different types of advertising strategies that can be used to market a business.